The Advoc8te's takes on DRAMA


Get your mind right! The Advoc8te thinks that everyone is capable of greatness, but you have to create a space where greatness can happen and that can’t happen in the midst of dysfunction. Therefore, I don’t do drama unless it’s on Netflix.

To me, drama is another word for “distraction” and distractions are wastes of time and talent. Therefore I only do business with people who are sound in their minds, hearts and intent. Anything else is an exercise in self-harm. Save the drama for your mama (or a qualified therapist). Create a drama free space in your life, your heart, your home and your hustle and I can almost guarantee things will get better.

Once you harness the power of saying “no” to drama and toxic relationships, you will be surprised at the opportunities that will come your way. Make way a “Yes!” in your life. Show drama the door.

And that is quote/thought of the day.