How to advertise on Congress Heights on the Rise

Connecting with DC communities located east of the Anacostia River is a complex and nuanced process. You need to make sure your message is clear, includes a variety of methods (both online and in the streets) and your message needs to be delivered timely. Communications needs to be packaged in such a way that they can be understood, viewed and shared easily.

And most importantly, the message must be respectful and with an understanding of the audience that is targeted. East of the river may be under resourced but we should not be under valued!


For over a decade, Congress Heights on the Rise has successfully gotten the word out on events, sales, issues, programs, services, housing, lost pets, etc. Pretty much anything happening east of the river has appeared on this site. Add to that, anything really cool or interesting that has happened in Anacostia or Congress Heights probably had my fingerprints on it in some way. After 11 years I’ve collected quite a few receipts in these streets! And I am also known to take those receipts and put some folks/agencies/media outlets on blast when they don’t always consider this community in their planning or execution. All of us can do better.

So, if your business, organization, nonprofit, government agency, company etc. is serious about doing community outreach east of the river; you really should include this site in your community engagement toolkit.

That said, three important things to note:

  • I offer special discounts for Ward 7 and Ward 8 based nonprofits and charter schools.

  • I won't work with anyone or on any project that does not have Ward 7 and Ward 8's best interest in mind. I don't need the money nor the aggravation. 

  • I know which organizations/government agencies/projects/events have a marketing and advertising budget. If you can pay for advertising in west of the river publications, bus shelters and billboards you can definetly afford CHotR ad rates. Please stop asking me to promote your interest for free when we both know you are cutting checks for other outlets. It’s not cool nor inclusive.

So if you are ready to go beyond those one-sided flyers, beyond just contacting the local ANC, and beyond the occasional tweet or Facebook post you can inquire about advertising opportunities on Congress Heights on the Rise.

In addition, The Advoc8te (under her reSPIN footprint) is also available to work on a consulting basis with a select number of clients on community engagement, marketing, event and program planning. I’m not too bad on building websites either. I've worked with a lot of groups on some of the best projects and campaigns east of the river. I have no problem tooting my own horn; I'm very good at what I do and I tell it exactly like it is. Want to meet for coffee? First check out The Rules.

My company reSPIN is a ward 8, minority woman-owned small business. What's not to love about that?! So if you are ready for a major marketing and community engagement upgrade, contact me for details and availability. The reality is I am always in demand but I may be able to slip you in if the project is really community-focused (or is really fun!).

Make the most of your message or at least avoid a major mess!