About chotr

Congress Heights on the Rise was launched June 27, 2008 by Congress Heights resident, Nikki Peele, blogging as The Advoc8te. Realizing the huge void of information about Ward 8 in general, and inspired by the success of the first Ward 8 neighborhood-focused blog, And Now, Anacostia; the early goal of CHotR was to bring attention and focus to a Ward 8 neighborhood relatively unheard of beyond its borders.

The initial goal was to provide information on community organizations and meetings while sharing a much more  accurate and positive depiction of what it is like to live east of the river. There are a lot of great things already here, and even more on the horizon and while there are challenges there is hope and progress. Over the nine years the blog has been active, over 7,700 blog posts have ben published, thousands of comments (and in my opinion) even more typos and edits. Lol! CHotR has come a long way, baby!

Stay tuned!