About reSPIN


reSPIN (pronounced “re SPIN”): to spin again or anew

Recognizing that east of the river could benefit from a more intentional marketing and community engagement strategy reSPIN Public Relations was formed in 2008 by me, Nikki Peele, a resident of Ward 8 at the time. From the very beginning reSPIN’s goal was “spin” many of the negative and often inaccurate impressions of our community and use those platforms to craft a more inclusive, accurate and positive image. I created reSPIN in hopes to create platforms and opportunities for members for the east of the river to tell their own story — on their own terms.

In short order, reSPIN did not just become the umbrella footprint where I produced Congress Heights on the Rise, it evolved into the creative hub where I crafted the concepts that would serve as the foundation of my advocacy work.

In those early years, a lot of my reSPIN “work” was on a volunteer basis (which is something I still do to this day). Forming reSPIN gave me the platform to transform what was my passion (advocating/advoc8ting) into what would become my profession, an advocate-for-hire.

In addition to Congress Heights on the Rise, reSPIN projects include (but are not limited to) Eat Shop Live Anacostia (retired), River East DC Blogs (retired) and Southeast Love.

And over time, reSPIN has evolved. What was once my part-time passion project is what I do full-time. I produce events, conceive campaigns, coordinate media, craft communications and launch community engagement projects. The flexibility of reSPIN allows clients to engage my services on a consulting basis. reSPIN is a Ward 8 and minority-owned small business that is based out of The HIVE 2.0 in Historic Anacostia but my office is in these east of the river streets so you are likely to find me anywhere with a strong internet connection (and even that is not guaranteed).

I only work on projects I believe in, those that have a positive impact on the Ward 7 and 8 community, those that fulfill a need. I suppose this is where I could include a list of some of the clients and projects I’ve worked on over the years but the reality is that if you are familiar with east of the river at all, you probably already know who I am. And if you don’t, well there is always Google. Lol!

I’m not just a small business owner, I’m a member of the community so If I don’t “dig it” then I won’t do it. It really is as simple as that.

Interested in learning more about Nikki Peele and reSPIN? Watch this video.


Nikki Peele
Founder + Principal
reSPIN Public Relations
1231-B Good Hope Road SE
Washington, DC 20020