About the advoc8te

Hey there friend! I'm Nikki Peele and I wear a lot of hats - and even more hairstyles! 

I’m an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, a consultant, a creative, an activist, an instigator, a busy body, a feminist, a hero, a villain, a smart ass, a daughter, a sister, a dog owner and a friend. I make things happen, mostly east of the Anacostia River. 

I live, work and "advoc8te" here! 

I'm just your typical “Type A” type. My DC story begins in 1995 when I relocated from Greensboro, North Carolina (by way of Virginia Beach) to attend Howard University. Back then, I wanted to be a marine biologist despite having a passion for fashion design. Somewhere along the line, I ended up working in the legal industry as a Director of Operations before graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. To this day, I have never used my Biology degree in a professional sense (but it has come in handy at trivia parties). That’s life (and student loans!) for you. We plan and God laughs. The amazing thing is that journey allowed me to hone the skills that I use today. I was a natural born fixer. This girl loves a challenge!

I purchased my first home, a lovely one-bedroom condo in Congress Heights in the fall of 2007. Initially, my plan was to mind my own damn business! I was only 30 but I had already gained a pretty fierce reputation of being passionate about my projects (at the time, solving problems in the private sector).  So for once, I just wanted to live my life; paint some walls, buy some furniture, hang some photos, in short, be a normal person for once.

Well, we've seen how well that has worked out! LOL! 

Regardless, thank  you so much for taking this journey  with me and supporting me over the past 10 years. We have done much together with even more to do. Stay tuned!