WashPo | Head of Martha's Table to step down after six years

The Advoc8te has had the pleasure to know Patty Stonesifer and I have always admired her commitment to the communities Martha’s Table serves. She and the entire Martha’s Table team have worked tirelessly to support the residents of Ward 7 and Ward 8. When they moved their headquarters from 14th Street NW to Elvans Road SE they wanted to be intentional about their role in the community. It was important for them to hear, to learn and to partner. That would not have been possible without Patty’s leadership and while I am sad to know that she is transitioning out of Martha’s Table in a formal capacity I know she will never really leave Martha’s Table. Her heart, soul and spirit is committed to providing children and families with opportunities. So with that in mind, I salute her and congratulate her on a job well done! Please see below for a link to the full Washington Post article for details. — The Advoc8te

(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

Patty Stonesifer, president and CEO of Martha’s Table, was leading a tour of the nonprofit last year when she noticed a child crying in the hallway.

“Rather than speeding on to where we were going, Patty picks up the child, and the child calms down,” recalled Johnnetta Cole, who sits on the organization’s board. “She’s a force of nature, but what really inspired me and others about her is how incredibly approachable she is. . . . There’s nothing puffed up about her.”

For her colleagues, the image of the high-powered executive interrupting her work to comfort someone small encapsulates Stonesifer, 62, who announced Friday that she will be retiring from Martha’s Table. The news comes nearly six years after she turned heads by taking the helm of the D.C. food pantry and family-services organization.
— The Washington Post