HELP WANTED: Hi Neighbors! I would like to make our lobby at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) a little more comfy and enjoyable for our visitors, particularly the homeless youth/adults who hang out while waiting to go back to the respite shelter next door at Covenant House and our parents and seniors. I would like to have a small cart of children and adult books and some games. If you would like to donate some books & games (or have a cool, slightly used or new mini cart you no longer need) let me know. You can also drop them off at the front desk at THEARC and mention my name. Also, I would like to put together a few (like 10) emergency bags of non perishable snacks. Some of the kids or homeless who come in are hungry and it would be great to have a few things on hand like NON PERISHABLES like granola bars, juice boxes, individual cereal boxes or oatmeal to give out. Thanks again for your support.

THEARC is located at 1901 Mississippi Ave SE.