Video | 2018 ACC Annual Holiday Celebration @ Anacostia Playhouse

With yesterday’s sad news that the Anacostia Playhouse was burgled on Christmas night I wanted to share a happy memory. Below is some video and photos of this year’s Anacostia Coordinating Council’s Annual Holiday Celebration that took place on December 4, 2018 at the Anacostia Playhouse. Having the playhouse in Ward 8 the past five years has made so many special community moments like this possible! I thank everyone who has donated to the Anacostia Playhouse Robbery Replacement Fund, spread the word or offered help to Adele Robey and the Anacostia Playhouse team. This is what commUNITY is all about!

As of 7:30am generous donors have contributed $2,301 toward the $20,000 goal! Please keep those donations coming! Thank you!


News organizations are cleared to use this video and the photos below in any stories about the Anacostia Playhouse GoFundMe campaign. Please credit: Nikki Peele/Congress Heights on the Rise. Thank you!