March 9 @ 7:30 pm - March 11 @ 9:00 pm

This performance is partially funded by ARCH Development.

March 9 : Doors at 6:30, Show at 7:30
March 10: Doors at 1, Show at 2 AND Doors at 6:30, Show at 7:30

March 11: Doors at 5:30, Show at 6:30

Channeled by Mediums Justin Jarrod Bell, Allyson Harkey, Jon Jon Johnson, David S. Kessler, Niusha Nawab, Nyla Rose and Rebecca Speas

Featuring navi as your host, The Fool

Summoned to the mortal plane by Joan Cummins, Alan Katz, and Quill Nebeker

Decor by Visual Priest Mary Keegan


n order to enter The Tarot Reading, you must offer a sacrifice to whichever Gods will have you. This sacrifice can be cash, but it doesn’t have to be. The only requirement is that it be something of value. It can be your mom’s bread recipe, that photo in your wallet, the secret you share with your best friend…

Whatever it is, it has to be something you are willing to part with forever.

We promise we’ll keep it safe.