If you are reading this you probably already know of me, or at least my alter ego, The Advoc8te. For the past 10 years I've been mostly known as the blogger behind Congress Heights on the Rise as well as a community advocate and marketing professional. I clearly believe in putting my heart where my zip code is, I am all about #SOUTHEASTLOVE after all!  I believe that we all have a responsibility to make things not only better but great. We are the village. 

Today I felt compelled to share some truths about myself in hopes they may help someone out there today, maybe a woman just like me, who's just trying to make it in a time where being a woman can be the hardest thing to do. Where trying to maintain some sense of self-respect and self-worth can be like trying to balance yourself on a knife's edge in the middle of a raging storm.

Where your ONLY advocate/advoc8te may be YOU. 

My name is Nikki Peele and I'm not a genius, but I have street smarts and the common sense to know when to ask for help when I need it. I'm not perfect, but I am the perfect version of myself. I'm not a role model but I like to set an example. I'm not the bravest person I know, but I will walk through fire for what I know is right. I know that with my privilege of circumstances (and a little luck) comes a great responsibility. 

I am a woman with (and on) a mission. 
I am a woman working in the land of men.
I am the purveyor of my own special brand of #blackgirlmagic. 

I'm a badass AND sometimes I cry.

I'm a badass AND sometimes I cry.

It's a strange, strange world out there and we are living in even stranger times. All of us, regardless of our awards, accomplishments or achievements will find ourselves at the crossroads of doing what is "safe" and what is "right." That day may be today, tomorrow or next year but it IS coming.

We have to be our own light in the darkness. We have to find our own path, no matter how dangerous it may appear or how alone we may feel along the way.  We must tap into our inner strength, that spark handed down from our mothers and their mothers and their mothers before them. We fight today in the hopes for a better tomorrow for our daughters and granddaughters to come. 

We must know, believe and LIVE our own truth, even when it's "inconvenient." 

So, while you may know my alter ego or my name or my accomplishments.

Do you really know me? 
Just in case you don't, here are the highlights.

My name is Nikki Peele and I'm:

  • an entrepreneur
  • a marketing marvel
  • a creative
  • an activist
  • an advoc8te/advocate
  • an instigator
  • a busybody
  • a feminist
  • a woman
  • a woman of color
  • a hero
  • a villain (see: feminist)
  • a smart ass
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a girlfriend
  • a dog mummy
  • and a friend

    And most importantly...

I'm a survivor.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. The next chapter begins, today.