David and I taking our very first #SoutheastLove photo on Valentine's Day 2012.

David and I taking our very first #SoutheastLove photo on Valentine's Day 2012.

Hey family --  I've been blessed to have been involved in a lot of projects to promote and highlight the east of the river community. I was a founding member of the River East Emerging Leaders which wanted to encourage residents to be more active in our community while addressing many of the negative misconceptions for our community. Eat Shop Live Anacostia was one of my first projects under my reSPIN company. Some people called it a "brand strategy" but I considered it more of a community empowerment campaign. By the community, for the community. Years later I launched #SoutheastLove with my buddy and former Ward 8 neighbor David Garber. Why? For me, it was about highlighting the great things in our community, the people, places, history and businesses of Ward 7 and 8. Along the way, correcting some of the misperceptions and fear-mongering that used to run rampant in discussions about River East/East of the River/East End or whatever you prefer to call this space. The issue of "rebranding" is a complicated one and the intent is as important as the message. 

So all of that said, I was happy to be invited to be a guest on the Kojo Show to discuss the ins and outs of "rebranding" (which personally I try to avoid that word) and other such efforts to engage and inform. I will be joined on the show by fellow EotR residents ANC Anthony Lorenzo Green and Phil Pannel of the Anacostia Coordinating Council. 

If you can, I hope you can join us for this conversation! The Kojo Show starts at noon, our segment will be from 12:20pm - 1pm. I hope you can listen in and call in. You can learn more about this who including a link to listen online HERE

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