This Ward 8 blogger auditioned for an IKEA makeover. This is what happened.

In Feb 2018, I pitched my cluttered and dark bedroom/home office for an IKEA Home Tour Makeover. Everyone jokes that bloggers work from dark, cave-like bedrooms and that is definetly true in my case! I was hoping to upgrade my struggling home office with a little magic from Swedish furniture giant when they came to DC as part of their Home Tour Makeover series. 

Although I made it to the finals, I found out a few weeks ago that I wasn't selected for a room makeover. Color me sad. I suppose I am back to storing my marketing buttons next to my sunglasses and office supplies in my makeup drawer (I store my makeup in the kitchen drawer -- much better lighting). 

Despite not being selected for a makeover when IKEA comes to DC later this year, I had a blast filming and I'm so grateful to my friends Lawrence Green of Time Traveling Media (a Ward 8 small business) for making my dream come true by filming and editing this video. I highly recommend Time Traveling Media for your next project. Be sure to check out his website for other services he offers including photography and DJing. I also need to thank my bestie, Jeff Herrell, Ward 8 resident and Managing Director of The HIVE 2.0 who came in last minute for some comic relief! If you are wondering why Teddy was missing from the audition tape, he was bundled off to his friends at Wagtime Too while we were filming. He was almost too ready for his closeup! Lol! 

Kudos also go to my other co-star the cow-lick in my hair I didn't notice until after we finished filming!! Lol! It's also amazing how many times I can say "Do My Business" without realizing the negative connotations of that turn of phrase! Blame it on exhaustion from staying up all night feverishly cleaning my condo out of fear the folks at IKEA would discover I was a cluttered hot mess -- wait, maybe that's why I didn't make the final cut! Lol! 

Who knows, maybe another makeover opportunity will present itself down the line! Hopefully some furniture or design company will take pity on a poor community blogger in need of storage  and hook her up with a sweet bedroom/home office. Until then, I will keep my bedroom door shut tight when company comes over to visit! Lol! 

Feel free to screen my audition tape, laugh at my many mentions of "doing my business" and don't try to judge me too harshly on the poor state of my closets. 

I'm The Advoc8te not Martha Stewart!