The Advoc8te can appreciate a little celebration. Fireworks aren't really my thing but I can understand some of their appeal on select holidays during the year. That said, anyone who lives east of the river knows that firework season is the worst. It seems that some people have no concept of when lighting fireworks ISN'T appropriate (such as midnight on a weeknight) or where (like next to my car). 

Unfortunately, after a quiet few weeks over the past week the fireworks have returned and louder than ever. It seems that someone has gotten their hands on some COMMERCIAL GRADE fireworks and didn't have a moments hesitation to set them off late at night. Sunday night was a perfect example, a group of people decided to gather behind the apartment building at 215 Oakwood Street SE and set off what I can only describe as mortar rounds that were disquised as fireworks. In talking with my neighbors around the ward it seems they are also having an issue with fireworks. 

What can we do about this? Are fireworks just an occasional nuisance that we have to tolerate or is it a symptom of a bigger issue? Is this about a lack of consideration or education about acceptable community behavior or have we all just turned a blind eye or a deaf ear? 

What do you think? Is your block having a firework issue and what have you done to try to resolve it?