There is a lot going on in Ward 8 -- is that a good thing?


2018 marks The Advoc8te’s 11th year living in Ward 8 and my 10th year writing Congress Heights on the Rise. While I have always been busy (and I mean busy) I am absolutely rushed off my feet keeping track of all the events, openings, updates, development projects, press releases, etc. The Advoc8te works HARD and all through the night to keep you informed of what is going on. I hope you appreciate the bags under my eyes! Lol!

And while Ward 8 could always do with more in certain areas (grocery stores for one) that got me thinking about what they may mean. Is this the beginning of more to come? Is it a start but not enough? Does this activity scare you or give you hope?

Inquiring minds (mine) would like to know!