The Ward 8 Help & Harmony Collective - a NICE place for neighbors to connect


The Advoc8te loves creating and supporting opportunities for neighbors to share information, ideas and perspectives, in a respectful manner. To that end, a few months ago I created another Ward 8 Facebook page, THE WARD 8 HELP & HARMONY COLLECTIVE. The page is smaller, nicer and moderated! No disrespectful or intimidating behavior is tolerated. Originally this was a secret group but I've recently edited the settings to make this a "closed" group, meaning you can find it in the search listings and you can see the other members but you have to be invited by a current member to join.

The official description of this new Ward 8 group:
The WARD 8 HELP & HARMONY COLLECTIVE group was created as an ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITY GROUP for those who were discouraged by the negativity/in-fighting that had taken over the Great Ward 8 page. The Ward 8 HHC is a safe and positive space where Ward 8 residents treat each other as neighbors by assuming the best in each other. Where help is both offered and solicited and where every Ward 8 resident, regardless of length of residency, race, social or income is welcome to participate in a respectful and productive dialogue.


IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to encourage and maintain a culture of respect and productivity this group is a CLOSED GROUP. Meaning it will show up in the Facebook search results and will display members, but will not display posts unless you are a member. 

Ideally, this could be a public page and everyone could join who had an interest. But in order to maintain a culture of consideration, community and respectful dialogue new collective members have to be nominated by a current collective member. And if someone has a history/reputation for being disruptive, rude, harassing, divisive etc. then they will not be extended an invitation to join this group or their membership request will not be approved. The idea is to empower all members to participate and lets be honest, some residents have been discouraged to do just that because of past attacks or rude language. 

GROUP RULES (Breaking of which will have you removed from the group)

Fear Mongering
Sharing group posts with non group members
Chronic off-topic discussions

To be considered for membership you have to either live in Ward 8 or work in Ward 8 and must answer the prospective member questions. If you have a history of being disruptive in past pages your membership will not be approved.