The Jazz In The 'Hoods Launch Event in Historic Anacostia was 🔥

If you missed last Saturday’s concerts you missed a great time! Including some snaps from our friends at the Anacostia Business Improvement District. The BID partnered with East River JazzFest to bring the DC Jazz Festival and Events DC kickoff event to Historic Anacostia. This was the first time the launch event was hosted east of the river. It took a team of trained and passionate professionals to make this happen! Special hat tip to The Whitlow Foundation, Chef Shawn Lightfoot, Vernard Grey, National Service Contractors, RCR Companies, the ABID FLO Team and Kristina Noell, Executive Director of the Anacostia BID - it took a village! My company, reSPIN Public Relations helped out as well, I LOVE working on projects like this! It was a great community event.

Visit for more photos of Saturday’s launch and the performances.

Photo Credit: The Eye Photography