Thank you for supporting CHotR, I couldn't do this without you.

I am really invested in Congress Heights on the Rise.


What may have started off as a “passion project” in 2008 has evolved to become “The Project” of my life. 11 years and thousands and thousands of posts later this site is in my blood. I moved from being a “hobby blogger” a long time ago. Even during that time when CHotR wasn’t being updated as often, when I was working for Building Bridges Across the River (and that’s a Cover story in of itself - stay tuned 😵) this site was always on my mind. I would feel so guilty about not posting daily, I really felt like I let my readers down. I will always carry around a lot of guilt about that but with everything that was going on, I really was trying my best.

But I’m back! And the past 16 months have been my most fulfilling as a DC blogger because I have the time to make CHotR a priority again. That all this blogging has given me carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists is but a small price to pay. That said, I now have a medical excuse for these typos! 😂

So in 2019 I will continue to invest my time, energy and money into improving both the content, layout and features of Congress Heights on the Rise. It takes a lot to keep this site going but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And it means a lot to me when readers support CHotR by giving feedback, dropping me a line or making a donation to help defray the expenses I incur in running this site. This ain’t no free Blogger powered site! You guys are enjoying the benefits of a Squarespace CMS! 😂 But honestly, I am humbled and honored that members of the east of the river and DC community have stuck with this site all of this time. Squarespace may host the content, but it really is powered by the readers. You are the inspiration.

So with that in mind, to make it easier to accept CHotR donations (which are not tax-deductible, sorry) I created a new DONATE page which you access from the navigation bar. No contribution is too small, it’s the thought that matters and I am so grateful for any support. I couldn’t do this without you. You can make a contribution one tine or setup a recurring donation, whatever works for you. I’m just glad that so many of you are reading!

So thank you again for your support, I look forward to where 2019 takes us!

The Advoc8te


P.S. CHotR also accepts donations via cash, check, money order, Venmo, Cash App and PayPal. Email for details.