Nov 3 | Shakespeare for the Young FREE puppet show @ The Anacostia Playhouse


Based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, The Tiniest Tempest has been created by

Shakespeare For The Young as an interactive show for 4 to 9 year olds. The actors

and designers of Shakespeare For The Young are dedicated to bringing

Shakespeare's stories and poetry to young audiences and their families through the

medium of puppets.

Four Puppeteers bring the characters of Miranda and Prospero, Antonio and

Alonso, and Caliban and Ariel to life with their story of hurt and love as well as

revenge and forgiveness on an island. The puppets are both large-bodied and

shadow puppets. Children are introduced to a stick puppet of William

Shakespeare, who helps start the story.

Aided by interactive play with the audience, the actors engage children's

imaginations through Shakespeare's words, using music as an additional medium.

They ask questions that invite children and their families to think about what it

means to be empathetic and inclusive and forgive hurts. The workshop with

ukulele and song helps children focus on dreams and friendship.