Sept 22 | Meet & Greet with Livy Belle @ MahoganyBooks


Our young people are so powerful!

Olivia Grace St. Vil is an 8-year old entrepreneur that discovered her love of fashion at an early age. A Haitian-Ugandan-American raised in the suburbs of Maryland, Ms. Olivia decided that she wanted to become a fashion designer at the age of 5. Her parents purchased Olivia her first sewing machine at age 6 and had her first sewing lesson with her grandmother shortly thereafter.

The Livy Belle business was created in 2018 so that Olivia could begin sharing her love of sewing and fashion with the world. Her first product was inspired by a trip to Walt Disney World with her family. After she and her mom could not find interchangeable bows for a set of Minnie Mouse ears, Livy decided to make her own.

We invite you all to join us at MahoganyBooks to meet this new entrepreneur and author on September 22, 2018 from 1PM – 3PM. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids, parents, and grandparents alike, to meet and support this inspirational young lady.

About the Book:

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