The Advoc8te is LOVING the programming that is taking place at the Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center. It's interesting, cutting edge, community and so very much in the now. I'm going to have to make time in my busy schedule to drop by soon. Kudos to their team for putting together a very interesting lineup and marketing it very well! Two creative thumbs up! -- The Advoc8te

Classes available now! Only $12! 

Classes available now! Only $12! 

Eva Mystique is a nationally known burlesque performer having toured dozens of cities including Las Vegas, New Orleans, NYC, Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego, St. Louis and more. Eva prides herself on fusing classic belly dance, tease, twerk and flexible floor work - rendering beautiful numbers that embody all that is feminine and magical.

Walk away having learned a sassy choreographed routine, that will surely have you feeling energized and empowered!

Join us for an introductory course, led by Eva Mystique, featuring belly dance, floor work and tease every Sunday and every second and fourth Thursday at Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center (CHACC).