Nov 1 | Artist Talk - Love, Hope and Street Art @ Honfleur Gallery


Join us as Philipa Hughes moderates an intimate artist's talk with @Luis Del Valle, DECOY, Cory Stowers, Asad ULTRA Walker, and HSK 181. Love, Hope and Street Art is a physical manifestation of Luis Del Valle’s philosophy that artistic development is a critical element in community development. 

This event is free and open to the public. Bring your art loving friends and your good vibes. 

Art improves quality of life by providing tools to modify behaviors through channeling self-expression into productive work and inspiring and motivating individuals, creating friendly competition grounded in positive behaviors. Love, Hope and Street Art is a multisensory experience that educates visitors about the visual language of street artists. Viewers are engaged to better understand street language through explanations of the symbolism of street art.

In the exhibition, the evolution of graffiti from tagging, throw-ups, and burners to the corporate boardroom is displayed and interpreted. Beyond Luis Del Valle’s personal contributions to the installation, the artwork is provided by artists DECOY, Cory Stowers, Asad Walker, and HKS 181, each of whom have created 10-15 years of street art (typically deemed illegal by authorities) and are now exhibiting in galleries.
Exhibit Runs 9/28-11/17