Let's SELL OUT The Heart and Soul of Magic at the Anacostia Playhouse


I need YOUR HELP to create a magical moment for the east of the river community! The ONLY African-American professional magic show is scheduled to come to Anacostia, let’s make sure it happens and our youth and seniors get to enjoy it!

I know you guys have heard about The Heart and Soul of Magic show coming to the Anacostia Playhouse on Saturday, December 1st. This is the only African-American led magic show with professional magicians! How cool is that?! There is a youth (5pm) and an adult (8pm) performance. Tickets are now on sale at the Anacostia Playhouse website.

That got me thinking, how cool it would be for east of the river families to see BLACK MAGICIANS in action?! Not that every child wants to grow up to be a professional magician, but shouldn't our young people have the ability to see people of color in every profession -- including magicians?

Jamahl Keyes, professional comedic magician

Jamahl Keyes, professional comedic magician

Also, can we support - FINANCIALLY - African-American artists and performers in their craft? I know everyone loves free events but performers have to earn a living too! The Anacostia Playhouse booked this production specifically for our enjoyment, but in order to cover the performance cost the playhouse needs to sell at least 50% of the tickets. Now I’m guilty of waiting until the last minute to buy tickets to things but that is not going to work here. Can we rally and secure our tickets for the December 1st show now? I can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be a sold out show but we need amazing folks like you to make that happen.

So with that in mind, I am asking you to do one (or all) of the following:

  1. SPREAD THE WORD! I am including a graphics along with show details and a video. Email your family, friends, colleagues! Ask your churches, social clubs, networks to support!

  2. BUY SOME TICKETS! Tickets to the Youth show are $15 and the Adult show are $30. You purchase tickets online HERE. Interested in group tickets? Email Adele at arobey@fusemail.com for details, I am sure a discount is available.

  3. DONATE SOME TICKETS! And donate them to east of the river families, schools or senior centers! Need help distributing your tickets? Donate them back to the Anacostia Playhouse and they can take are of that for you! I will be purchasing two tickets and offering them to a local school to support their attendance efforts.

Thanks fam! I know we can pull a rabbit out of a hat and create some magical memories!

See below for information about the show. Thanks!


The Heart & Soul of Magic returns to the Anacostia Playhouse to kick off the Holiday season!  International Magicians Ran’D Shine and Jamahl Keyes are known for “A Different Kind of Deception.” Their show combines music, sleight of hand and psychological illusions that will have you questioning reality in an intimate space. The Heart & Soul of magic is an unforgettable show that audiences of all ages will enjoy. Adults’ minds will be blown and children will be amazed. One audience member described the show as “Mesmerizing and entertaining… A must see act.”  Bring the entire family and kick off the most Magical time of the year.

Ticket Prices:

Youth Show (5 PM): $15

Adult (8 PM): $30

Purchase Tickets Here!