If I have to go to a gym in Maryland, I might as well represent Chocolate City (not pity) in the process! 

If I have to go to a gym in Maryland, I might as well represent Chocolate City (not pity) in the process! 

Hello my darlings! It's me! I'm still alive and working, writing and advocating. I know at times it seems like I disappear off the blogosphere but in reality (pun intended) I am juggling a lot of projects and don't always have the time I once had to commit to blogging daily. 

Also, I've been trying to spend more time committed to supporting a healthier and happier Advoc8te. As I've hit the big 4-0 (and their ain't no shame in my game, I'm still fabulous) I decided that I needed to start committing to a bit more self-care. That meant addressing my emotional, spiritual and physical needs. I needed to "Advoc8te" for myself. That meant dropping some of these pounds and eating better. So with that in mind, I replaced my evening and late night blogging sessions with trips to the gym (outside of Ward 8), runs around my neighborhood and less UberEats and more grocery store trips (outside of Ward 8) for healthy food. I also committed to change by incorporating medical support in the form of checking in with my doctor once a month and going on a short-term prescription medication to help me develop better eating and exercise habits. 


I'm happy to say the changes are paying off. I've lost about 20 pounds over the past 11 weeks. And while I am enjoying the new room in my waistline I am also enjoying the new room in my life to enjoy things other than being sedentary. Yesterday, after a particularly trying day in the office, I shocked myself by heading to the gym instead of happy hour! Shocking, shocking I say! 

But the upside of this new energy, this new "lease on life" I say is that I am looking at things in a new way. And one of those ways is coming up with a new way to communicate via CHotR. Just like I revamped the layout by transitioning from Blogger to Squarespace, maybe it's time to move from writing about EotR into talking about EotR. 

Lord knows I love to talk, and it seems a shame to let all this contouring go to waste behind the screen.  

What do you think?