Jubilee Housing, Inc. seeks Full-Time Teen Services Manager - $47k to $53k

The mission of Jubilee Housing is to build diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive. Since 1973, Jubilee has worked to provide high quality affordable housing and holistic support to those experiencing persistent economic hardship in the Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights neighborhoods of Washington D.C. Jubilee operates eight properties totaling 299 units of affordable housing and offers robust programming for residents and community members pursuing life goals. 

Jubilee Housing is an innovator in financing for affordable housing and a responsible steward of the investments it receives. Jubilee produces not simply affordable housing, but justice housing.

Justice housing is affordable to those with few financial assets, located in neighborhoods where resources such as good schools, grocery stores, and public transportation are readily accessible and near services that support residents as they pursue educational and career attainment.

Jubilee is seeking a Teen Services Manager to develop a comprehensive Teen Program for Jubilee Housing residents ages 13 – 24 that includes college enrollment, workforce development and employment, educational support, and life skills development activities. This position will also develop and coordinate programming for a M – F drop-in Teen Center that houses most of the Teen Program services and activities. Concurrently, this position manages Jubilee Housing’s Jubilee to College Scholarship Program that lends financial and social support to scholarship recipients throughout their college experiences. 

The goal of this position is to develop and operate an array of programs and services that engage and support teens and young adults to maximize educational opportunities, to advance college and/or career, and to experience fulfilling and exciting personal growth opportunities. This position will also collaborate with families, primary school and college staff, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations to access workforce development, college readiness, personal and professional development opportunities, college funding and scholarships, and internships for program participants.

This is a full-time position, with work hours mainly between 12:00, noon – 8:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, with some activities executed on the weekends or after 8:30 during the weekdays.