Jan 18 | Abaya - A Sister Circle @ CHACC


$10 - Purchase tickets online or at the door. See below for details.

The Ayaba Series Sister Circle is a sacred healing space that promotes women’s ability to thrive. Through fellowship, monthly circles, service projects, and partnerships, we encourage unapologetic self-care and preservation.

Inside the Sister Circle

Our sister circle meets on a Friday, once a month. Our sacred space is currently at Nubian Hueman located inside the Anacostia Arts Center.

As members arrive to the Sister Circle, they have an opportunity to fellowship with each other and enjoy a cup of tea from Good Thoughts Tea Company. Once the Sister Circle starts, members settle, sitting on decorated pillows, in a circle. Eboné, our founder and lead facilitator, begins the Sister Circle and welcomes everyone.

After the welcome, we move into a centering activity and then a check-in. We continue with group dialogue, small group activities and a self-care takeaway. Circles usually last around 90 minutes.

We have found that there are many benefits to the sister circle. It is a special community where women can be themselves, be free, be vulnerable, and have the support of their sisterhood. It is a space where women can share experiences and wisdom. It is an opportunity for women to slow down, breathe, and reflect.