I'm MIA because I came to SLAY

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To my amazing friends, family, fans, frenemies & mentees -- 

If you have called, emailed, texted or left me a voicemail message the past few days and are still waiting on a response (and that would be all of you), my bad. I promise I'm not ignoring you and I wish I could be there for you right now but I am in the middle of a major grind moment. I'm juggling a lot of projects: a dog that's recovering from surgery, a condominium that needs an active president, treating my herniated disc, making magic for my clients and continue to expand my brand and my business at the same time. I'm really trying to do my part to advoc8te/advocate for east of the river right now because we really deserve some major upgrades. I'm trying to Olivia Pope a whole lotta sh*t right now. Ya dig?

In short, I need some time and space to SLAY. So like the flight attendant says during the takeoff instructions, "put your own mask on first THEN help someone else with their mask."

So I suppose the lesson for the day is, be okay with saying "I can't right now, so I can have the ability to do more tomorrow."

P.S. And for anyone who thinks it strange I would post this message here, it's not. All of those folks I mention above read my blog daily, not just for the news but to make sure I'm still alive. And that's why I love them (even my frenemies, they keep me sharp). 

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