Human Resources Specialist - $73k-$94k

This position is located in the Department of Public Works (DPW), Human Capital Administration ((HCA). The incumbent is responsible for providing human resources management and advisory services. The incumbent provides support to DPW’s human resources operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent in this position will provide comprehensive recruitment and staffing services, which have a variety of professional, technical, and administrative positions. They will consult with administrative, managerial and supervisory personnel to determine and advise on staffing and recruitment needs and researches market trends to understand the complexity of staffing and equitable compensation. They will be responsible for reviewing all job analyses, promotion, and placement products, and promotion and referral certificates to ensure local requirements have been accurately considered; and perform external recruitment by developing multiple recruitment strategies utilizing such policies as proscribed by the District Personnel Manual (DPM). 

They will determine qualification requirements based on rules, regulations, and industry standards for a variety of positions. In many cases the incumbent will be responsible for handling specialized recruitment and resolve problems arising from filling entry level, highly specialized, hard to fill positions, and/or merit promotion actions involving high level or managerial jobs with specialized requirements. They will ensure the accurate input of employee data and synthesis of other required information for permanent storage, retrieval and use by management officials. They will be responsible for comparing position descriptions with job postings and advertisements and in qualifying candidates for positions applied. Based on knowledge of District and other applicable rules and regulations, the incumbent advises applicants on employment and qualification requirements and advises management on appropriate staffing methods and sources available to fill positions, reviews backup documentation and makes suggestions for changes to managers. Review and prepare vacancy announcements for quality and accuracy to advertise jobs, qualifies applicants, and prepares lists of eligible job applicants in accordance with regulations and policies.