Health and Wellness Specialist - $73k - $94


This position is located in the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) which is responsible for the coordination of violence prevention strategy and programs in the District of Columbia with a focus on utilizing public health approaches to respond to and prevent violence. The Office seeks to reduce violence by identifying, recruiting, and engaging individuals determined to be at high risk of participating in or being a victim of, violent crime into positive behavioral reinforcement activities.

The Office collaborates with other District government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide immediate wraparound services to victims and families affected by violent crime. The Office also coordinates with District agencies and community-based organizations to develop violence prevention programs for individuals residing in priority neighborhoods or who are most at risk of participating in or being a victim of, violent crime, including through the use of financial incentives for participation.  The Office develops positive relationships with youth and adults using best practices associated with wellness intervention and prevention of violence while using positive behavioral reinforcement activities.