🍾Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful niece AALIYAH!

Please join The Advco8te in wishing my gorgeous, smart, hard working and funny niece Aaliyah a happy belated birthday! Her aunt (me) had technical difficulties sending her birthday wishes on her actual birthday (when “Send” doesn’t actually send) and I’m racked with guilt. The 21st birthday is a VERY important birthday as far as birthdays go. I hope Aaliyah’s presents were big and the hangover small! 🤣

It seems like yesterday when Aaliyah was born, the first grandchild in our immediate family. Her little face with the perfect eyebrows and long eyelashes seemed too wise for this world. She has been on the go from the start and I look forward to her next chapter.

Although my work in DC has caused me to miss out on so much of her amazing life (which I deeply regret) I do stalk her social media accounts like a good marketing maven would. 😂

I am so very proud of the young woman Aaliyah has become. She is a star with a bright future in front of her and I wish her all the happiness, love and light this world has to offer.

Aunt Nikki