#GivingTuesday is here so be generous!


East of the river really depends on the mission, funding and support of so many nonprofit organizations. I know, I’ve worked for several in Ward 8, either as an employee or a consultant. Most organizations (see I didn’t say, “all”) really are committed to helping you and your family and they ask for so little (if anything) in return.

So I am asking you, my generous and loving readers, to reach into your pocket and even if it is a DOLLAR I want you to put your money out there for these east of the river organizations. They have to do so much with so very little. Show them some #GivingTuesday love!

That said, I’m not going to tell you who to give to (way to many to name) but I think you can get an idea of who I have covered on this site — and who I haven’t! Lol!

— The Advoc8te