Get ready for a double dose of CHotR today!

Hey Guys —

Apologies for deviating yesterday from my usual post heavy practices but I had a project deadline and I had to really focus — I worked 36 hours straight with no sleep and burned through 3 brand new sets of printer ink! Luckily I made my deadline with less than two hours to spare. God does indeed smile on small business owners and bloggers. 😆


I published one post yesterday and it was a really good one, it was about the District of Columbia Retail Summit on May 15th. Definetly check it out, if there is one thing that east of the river could use more it’s retail. Attend the summit and learn! The retail summit is free.

TLFDC Retail Summit 300x250px Banner.jpg

So to make up for yesterday’s post light CHotR I am going to hit you with double doses of all your favorites CHotR features.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Your pal,

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