Feb 19 | CC Prep Enrollment Info Session



Tuesday, Feb 19th 12pm & 4pm
2405 Martin Luther King Jr Ave
Each session lasts about an hour


Students enrolled in our GED classes enjoy a relaxed setting and specialized instruction tailored for each individual. Instruction features a blended learning model that incorporates both technology and direct instruction in student learning. Following this model, you will be assigned to both a lab coach and workshop instructors. Your workshop instructors will use your GED prescription to provide specialized, direct instruction on the core concepts necessary to complete the GED tests while your lab coach will work on test prep and sharpening the skills introduced in workshop. 

CC Prep’s college readiness program allows students to save time and money. Individualized instruction by our highly-qualified instructor ensures a student’s successful completion of the Accuplacer exam. Former students who have completed the college readiness program have enrolled in the University of the District of Columbia and American University fully equipped to take on college-level work. 

Students enrolled in Microsoft Office Specialist have an interest in increasing their knowledge of the Microsoft programs in preparation for careers in the administrative field and the workforce in general. CC Prep features a flexible schedule designed to help fit the demands of the busy adult student. Once a student completes orientation, he or she can choose a schedule that works for their lifestyle and complete any certification offered during that class time. Students continue the series until they have completed the entire MOS suite.  

The HVAC CFC 608 class is a three-part course designed to help facilitate students' prior knowledge of HVAC systems and apply that knowledge in the topic of refrigerant recovery as well as provide a platform for introductory knowledge of HVAC systems. This course will review the rules and regulations regarding refrigerant recovery, recycling and reclaiming, and the effects of refrigerants on the environment. In addition to the text, students will utilize handouts and other resources identified by the instructor to assist with the completion of the course. At the end of the course, students will sit for the "EPA Section 608 Universal HVAC Technician" credential.

The acquisition of the HVAC CFC 608 Universal Certification; meaning that you have acquired the: Core, Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 certifications defines successfully completing the course. 

Students who obtain their HVAC CFC 608 Universal Certification are eligible to enroll in our HVAC Hands-On Bench Training in partnership with Neighborhood Organized Workforce (NOW).  

The duration of both the HVAC CFC 608 Certification Course and the HVAC Hands On Course is 8 weeks.

CC Prep’s IT program is popular among students in the district hoping to enter the IT field. COMPTIA A+ is one of the top fields in the district that does not require a college degree to enter an entry level position. The average entry-level salary for COMPTIA is $54,000 per year. Students who express an interest can fill out the request info form under contact us and will be entered on our mailing list and contacted with info session dates and locations. 

Once a student has been selected for the COMPTIA Prep class, they enter a relaxed and comfortable class setting with passionate and dedicated instructors working with them to complete the requirements to enter the COMPTIA class. Students will complete Outlook and IT fundamentals in preparation for the next level of IT instruction. At the end of the course students will complete and interview and if successful, will be placed in the COMPTIA A+ class.

Students enroll in academic enhancement if their goal is to enroll in community college. The enhancement program targets instruction in math and reading allowing students to enter community college as a freshman with as many as 3 credits already earned. Apart from those students, all other students receive some form of academic enhancement during their work week to improve their overall math and reading capabilities to fully prepare them for the workforce. 


LaunchCode’s Discovery program is a self-paced online course designed to introduce you to computer programming, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry. Students will get their first look at what computer programming is, and build the kind of learning and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at pursuing further programming education.  


LaunchCode's LC101 course trains individuals with no previous coding experience in the technical skills needed to begin an entry-level programming job. The class is hosted over 20 weeks in a supportive classroom environment with in-person mentoring from instructors and teaching assistants. LC101 course curriculum covers the core concepts of code, web development, and job-oriented skill tracks in C#, Python, and Java. 

Successful graduates will have the opportunity to join our 8-week job-readiness training and enter our paid apprenticeship job placement program aimed at securing a job in technology. 

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