DPR seeks Recreation Specialist (Aquatics) - $53k to $69k


This position is located in the Department of Parks and Recreation, Recreation Services Administration, Aquatics Facilities. The incumbent serves as Recreation Specialist (Pool Operator II).


The incumbent of this position will programmatically operate and provide significant input towards the administration and implementation of activities and services of a major aquatic center equipped to serve a community of up to 100,000 persons. Maintains the full range of pool operator responsibilities. Prevents accidents through the enforcement of policies, rules, and governs conduct at the center. Maintains vigilance on stand to prevent potential emergencies in-water and diving areas. Minimizes risks by the prevention and warning of dangerous practices such as shallow water diving, and underwater breath holding. Enters the water to rescue persons in distress; resuscitates rescued bathers; administers first aid to the injured. Responsible for the area supervision of as many as eight additional seasonal outdoor aquatic facilities that may total to 80 additional staff members. Assures that assigned outdoor aquatic recreational activities meet or exceed the needs of the community that each center is servicing. Assists supervisor and operators of the aquatics center program to recruit and train individuals seeking employment at seasonal and year-round aquatic facilities. Provides guidance and leadership to the center’s various activities. Instructs participants in aquatic activities.

With the assistance of the Aquatic Program Manager, selects and emphasizes program activities to be offered in basic, special event, and joint community activity categories. Under the guidance of the Aquatic Program Manager, schedules and publicizes aquatic center activities to attract and motivate participants and to provide a wide range of inclusive activities in the community. Continuously evaluates the effectiveness of ongoing activities of the center by issuing and collecting participant surveys. Develops periodic program plans and annual budget requirements. Solicits volunteer and other services for activities, which could not be scheduled without such assistance. Interviews and directs candidates to volunteer offices for required orientation and training. Coordinates with supervisor on volunteer activities.  Oversees facility engineer and custodial crews to assure that the physical plant is above standards for community use. Aids in cleaning locker rooms, office areas, showers, and pool deck areas when necessary. Complies with standard operating procedures associated with the testing and recording of water chemistry. Assures that proper mix of chlorine and light soda ash with water at all times. Escalates areas of non-compliance to aquatic management.