Do you know your Police Service Area (PSA)?

From the Metropolitan Police Department website:

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There are seven police districts in Washington, DC, and each police district is divided into three sectors with a sector being an informal grouping of Police Service Areas (PSAs).  There are a total of 57 PSAs in the District of Columbia.

Every resident lives in a Police Service Area (PSA), and every PSA has a team of police officers and officials assigned to it. Residents should get to know their PSA team members and learn how to work with them to fight crime and disorder in their neighborhoods. Each police district has between seven and nine PSAs.

Each Police Service Area generally holds meetings once a month. To learn more about the meeting time and location in your PSA, please contact your Community Outreach Coordinator. To reach a coordinator, choose your police district from the list below. The coordinators are included as part of each district's roster.

Find Your Current Police District and Police Service Area on DC's Interactive Map

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