Congress Heights on the Rise now accepts DONATIONS!


I have the BEST readers in the world! Not only have they followed my typo ridden musings and postings the past decade but they are always offering some kind of support and help.  I've never been big on soliciting financial support for Congress Heights on the Rise, I just considered it my way to give back to the community I've come to love. That said, as the years have gone by and I've looked to upgrade and expand on the whole community blogging experience I've realized that if help is being offered, why not accept it? After all, lord knows this new snazzy layout and features didn't come free, Mailchimp and Google bill me every month  and I could do NOTHING without my design software. I spend a lot of time and many late nights researching information, creating graphics, reformatting graphics and obsessing over Oxford commas. If "time is money" I've certainly spent a lot of both. Lol! 

So, with that in mind, I finally took the step and invested the time and setup the DONATE feature on this blog. I've placed a minimalist but informative button at the top of the page so if anyone is inclined (but you don't have to) make a contribution you can. I appreciate mighty your time, your comments and if on occasion you want to drop a dollar or two as a show of your appreciation of my work then that is tightly appreciated. Please note that I am not a nonprofit (just a girl with a dream and projects) so donations are NOT tax-deductible (but are appreciated). 

Until then, enjoy and please keep reading!