Community Outreach Coordinator $64k - $83k


There is only one city in the country that can say it is the Nation’s Capital – Washington, D.C. Given that distinction, The Metropolitan Police Department is the premiere law enforcement organization in the city. We receive over 22 million visitors a year; have almost 700,000 residents, and 21,000 private business.

The agency consists of more than 4,500 members: approximately 3,850 sworn members and over 650 civilian employees. We are one of the most diverse and highly trained departments in the country. We have the honor of safeguarding and protecting not only our nation’s residents, but also people from all over the world.

The Community Outreach Coordinator is in a collective bargaining unit represented by the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE R3-5) and you may be required to pay an agency service fee through direct payroll deduction.

This position is allocated in the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Office of Investigative Services Bureau, Criminal Investigations Division, Victim Services Branch. The incumbent works under the direction of the Director of the Victim Services Branch assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. 

The principal role of the Community Outreach Coordinator is to promote positive relationships between the Metropolitan Police Department, members of the community, and victims of crime.  The specialist coordinates outreach activities in communities including those representing culturally diverse and disenfranchised populations.  The Community Outreach Coordinator also provides education and training to MPD members on victim related topics. 

This incumbent will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide a victim-centered approach to outreach activities that support the Department’s response to victims of crime, crime prevention and education.

  • Coordinate victim related initiatives on behalf of the Department such as National Crime Victims Rights Week, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Next-of Kin Meetings, National Night Out, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Tree of Remembrance. 

  • Assist in the development, maintenance and distribution of correspondence between the Department and victims/survivors of crimes.

  • Establish professional working relationships and customer service to various community projects.  

  • Partner with community-based and crime prevention organizations, local and federal government agencies and community leaders to build and maintain resources for community outreach on victim related matters.

  • Establish methods of ongoing and timely communication to acquire concerns, specific to victim interests and promote police department programs and initiatives to address them

  • Develop a comprehensive and collaborative approach to problem solving work.  Identify neighborhood compositions, crime patterns and trends, indicators of community health that support final analysis of the community’s overall condition. 

  • Develop flyers, government services contacts, database of community contacts.

  • Provide the community with methods of addressing community concerns with proper agencies.

  • Submit progress reports and success stories that strengthen community relations.

  • Participate in staff meetings and attend community meetings and provide training and/or information to community organizations as requested.

  • Address the training needs of MPD members on issues pertaining to victims/survivors.

  • Work with the four liaison units (Latino Liaison Unit, Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit, Asian Liaison Units) to provide outreach and services.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.