Vivid Solutions Gallery inside of Anacostia Arts Center is currently showing “City Under Siege” by Vincent Brown. June 15 – August 6. Free Admission. 1235 Good Hope Rd SE.

As the cost of the living has skyrocketed in DC over the past decade so too has the rate of homelessness. Photographer Vincent Brown has made it his mission to document the lives of individuals who are often overlooked as the city evolves. In his first ever solo exhibition, City Under Siege, Brown shares a selection of images he’s captured over the past 2 years.
About the Artist: 

Vincent R. Brown is a DC based photographer, videographer, video director and producer. His work has been published in both Photographer’s Forum and The Washington Post. In 2015, he directed and shot two music videos and a short film shown at Gateway DC (St. Elizabeth East). Brown completed a short, Vinyl Madness which focused on D.C.’s record store community. The mini-documentary was featured as part of D.C. Creates! He is currently an assistant producer at UDC-TV.