CHotR salutes Greta Fuller and her tireless work for Anacostia and Ward 8


The votes have been cast, counted and certified. Now we move on to the next chapter of DC’s politic story. That said, I wanted to take a moment and give a big shout-out to Anacostia resident, advocate and ANC 8A Commissioner Greta Fuller, one of Ward 8’s most hard-working and committed residents. Greta has spent well over 15 years supporting the residents, businesses and stakeholders of the Historic Anacostia neighborhood and Ward 8 as a whole.

Greta is fearless, committed and dedicated to doing what she can to make sure that her neighbors and constituents have their voices heard, their needs met and their challenges resolved.

Greta is the best of us, often sacrificing her personal life for a life of public service.The role of community advocate and advisory neighborhood commissioner is a thankless and unpaid job. It is a role only served by the truly passionate.

So that said, I wanted to take a moment on behalf of Congress Heights on the Rise and as a personal friend to thank Greta Fuller for her many years of service. I know I am not alone, many people cast their vote for Greta and not just yesterday at the ballot box, they gave Greta a vote of confidence every time they sought her counsel, support and action.

And if that is not the mark of a real winner, I don’t know what is.

Greta, we salute you and while you may have gotten five votes less than your challenger, please know that you come first when it comes to a contest of Ward 8 advocates who will forever be written in the pages of our story.

I salute you, congratulate you and wish you a temporary break from fielding late night phone calls and attending early morning meetings. But if I know you (and I do), I know you are going to keep working hard for the people and for that, we love you!