CC Prep offers free coding course for DC adults

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LaunchCode’s Discovery program is a self-paced online course designed to introduce you to computer programming, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry. Students will get their first look at what computer programming is, and build the kind of learning and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at pursuing further programming education.  


LaunchCode's LC101 course trains individuals with no previous coding experience in the technical skills needed to begin an entry-level programming job. The class is hosted over 20 weeks in a supportive classroom environment with in-person mentoring from instructors and teaching assistants. LC101 course curriculum covers the core concepts of code, web development, and job-oriented skill tracks in C#, Python, and Java. 

Successful graduates will have the opportunity to join our 8-week job-readiness training and enter our paid apprenticeship job placement program aimed at securing a job in technology.