CC Prep in Ward 8 offers FREE courses + certifications for DC adults

The Advoc8te firmly believes that if you are committed, you can always improve your circumstances. With the start of 2019 have you decided what you want in your life? Are you satisfied with the opportunities available to you? Are you unemployed, under-employed or working in a job when you really want a career? Are you struggling to find a way out of poverty or living check to check?

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the results of graduates from Community College Preparatory Academy (CC Prep) in Ward 8. In partnership with Raymond Bell’s The HOPE Project, CC Prep offers FREE IT courses and certifications. CC Prep also offers other vocation courses such as HVAC certification. If you need help getting your GED, CC Prep can help you!


CC Prep's Mission: The mission of Community College Preparatory Academy (CCPrep) is to provide the education and skills development that will empower and prepare under-credited adults for postsecondary education success, viable employment and lifelong learning.

 Community College Preparatory Academy has TWO locations in Ward 8 (Anacostia and Congress Heights) and CC Prep is FREE for DC adults!


How long are you going to wait for success?

Contact CC Prep today and request more information or apply now!

You can do this — IF you try!

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