From the creators of some of the most compelling stories of our time comes yet another thought provoking production that is sure to educate as well as entertain as only a Gdavis Production can. The way GDavis Productions takes on a disease like Alzheimer's has been called "brilliant". Forget Me Not takes the audience into the life of a family facing this medical challenge and shows its impact on not just the immediate family but friends, marriage, and those in the community as well.

Many have left the theater realizing there are people close to them who may have signs pointing to Alzheimer's. Thanks to a panel of experts presented during the event, they leave equipped with answers to important questions about medical and social services that are available in their communities and learn how researchers are working to find ways to prevent and more effectively treat Alzheimer's- important work that requires each of us-- especially African Americans who are more likely to develop Alzheimer's than others-- to consider participating in clinical trials. 

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