🏆 Apply for a $1,500 Black Girl 44 Scholarship now thru August 10th


The Black Girl 44 Scholarship was created by former Obama White House alum Deesha Dyer and includes contributions from more than 55 Black / African-American women who worked in the Obama White House. This private and independent initiative will award three $1,500 scholarships to Black/African-American women college students who have earned a Washington, D.C. internship that relates to policy, community engagement, community service, advocacy, global relations or politics for Fall 2019.

While the collaborators all use pronouns she/her/hers, we recognize, respect and welcome applicants that identify using they/them/theirs.


The United States of America is at a crossroads in our democracy where everyday citizens are stepping up to run for office, start social justice movements, join campaigns and more. Now more than ever, people who previously didn't consider themselves the "political" type are answering the call for civic engagement. For college students looking to get involved in politics (local/national) or social movements, there is almost no better direct introduction than a Washington, D.C., internship. Unfortunately, many students do not apply because they can not afford it. While some internships provide a stipend, they often fail to cover the full costs needed to live and thrive in D.C. This greatly affects Black and African-American students. Through this scholarship, we join the voices of others in helping to give equal and fair opportunity to ALL students so they can gain the valuable insight, training and on-the-job education afforded to their peers. Building on the same hope and opportunity that was given to them, the organizers are not just lifting up but pushing forward Black/African-American women that are actively leading the charge for change.


Scholarship recipients will be chosen from an application process that runs from June 19 to August 10, 2019. Winners will be notified in August and they will receive their scholarship award at a September luncheon in Washington, D.C.

The eligibility requirements and application can be found HERE! Questions? Email info@blackgirl44.com.