About the Children and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service (ChAMPS)

From the DC Department of Behavioral Health website:

Emergency Services

The Children and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service (ChAMPS) provides on-site immediate help to children facing a behavioral or mental health crisis whether in the home, school or community. Services are geared toward children and youth 6-21 years of age.  The goal is to stabilize them and avert inpatient hospitalization or placement disruptions in the case of foster children.  The mobile crisis teams also make follow up visits and connect the family to needed support services.   

The on-call, mobile emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (202) 481-1440.

High Fidelity Wraparound Project

The High Fidelity Wraparound Project is community-based alternative services for District youth at risk for or returning from an out-of-home residential treatment center placement and for youth who have experienced multiple placements and/or psychiatric hospitalizations.

School Mental Health Program

The Department of Behavioral Health operates a school based program in public and public charter schools that offers prevention, early intervention and clinical services to youth and their families. Mental health clinicians:

  • Provide supportive services for school teachers and staff. Such services include professional development on a variety of mental health topics, classroom management techniques, and case management.

  • Work within existing support services in the schools to help create a safer and more supportive school climate

  • Complement services already offered to students and families

In addition, mental health program clinicians are on hand in the aftermath of traumatic events affecting the school population.

Assessment Center

Located at the Superior Court, the Assessment Center conducts court-ordered assessments for family court involving child welfare, juvenile justice forensics and domestic relations.