🏆 Aug 15 | Ward 7 + 8 Free Children's Vision Screening and Eyeglasses


If you are a resident of Ward 7/ 8 and your child or loved one (ages 3-17) needs an eye exam, reading glasses or both, Please register!

About this Event

The Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB) has been serving underserved individuals and communities in the greater Washington area for over 80 years. We would like to offer a full spectrum, no cost, on-site vision screening and service to the children of your program.


- Must need personal IDs for entry through security into the Suite 

- Permission slips will need to be filled out signed by parent/guardian in the event for an eye exam to occur

This service includes:

• Screening for visual acuity and pediatric eye diseases, as well as color testing

• On-site exam by a volunteer licensed ophthalmologist for those children who needa more in-depth evaluation (Further referrals out may be required).

• Ordering eyeglasses with POB’s optician (when prescribed by on-site ophthalmologist).

• Ordering eyeglasses with POB’s optician on-site with a current prescription(less than one-year old).

• Eyeglasses can be picked up in approximately two weeks at our permanent clinic(233 Massachusetts Avenue NE) or a predetermined location.