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About the advoc8te

My name is Nikki Peele and I wear a lot of hats. I’m an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, a consultant, a creative, an activist, an instigator, a busy body, a feminist, a hero, a villain, a smart ass, a daughter, a sister, a dog owner and a friend.

Just your typical “Type A” type. My DC story begins in 1995 when I relocated from Greensboro, North Carolina (by way of Virginia Beach) to attend Howard University. Back then I wanted to be a marine biologist when really my passion was fashion design. Somewhere along the line, I ended up working in the legal industry before graduating with a BA in Biology. To this day, I have never used my Biology degree in a professional sense. That’s life for you. We plan and God laughs. The amazing thing is that journey allowed me to hone the skills that I use today. I was a natural born fixer.This girl loves a challenge!

I purchased my first home, a lovely one-bedroom condo in Congress Heights in the fall of 2007.Initially my plan was to mind my own damn business! Lol! I was only 30 but I had already gained a pretty fierce reputation of being passionate about my projects so for once, I just wanted to live my life. Paint some walls, buy some furniture, hang some photos, in short, be a normal person for once. Well we've seen how that has worked out. Lol! 

Stay tuned….