Monday, August 29, 2016

Sept 17 | Lantern Walk from Yards Park to Anacostia

A daily assault on our sense of community development

Last night as I was driving home I passed by the public space on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE and Malcolm X Avenue SE. In another world we may have called it a "park" but for many of us who live, work and travel past that intersection we know it for what it is -- an epic eyesore. I would have taken a photo but to be honest I was so embarrassed and frustrated with the poor state of it I didn't even want to share it here. It's literally like showing your dirty laundry to the world and lord knows I like spreading the good news about Ward 8.

This blog has long discussed the frustration of the loitering, public drinking and overall magnet for tomfoolery that this National Park Service space has wrecked on the surrounding community. To be fair, there are several mitigating factors that have contributed to the poor state of this space over the years. The lack of indoor waiting areas for those that seek services from the surrounding social service providers rates high on the list along with the homeless population that spend nights at the shelter on Saint Elizabeths and days on the park benches on our little triangle of public nuisance hell.

The park in 2009, during slightly better times. 

Sept 1 | The 'Say Her Name' Striptease Benefit @ Anacostia Arts Center

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sept 18 | Black L.U.V. Festival @ Gateway DC Pavilion

Tonight @ 7pm | Prison Plumb Line @ THEARC Theater -- Tickets start at $20!

Before Orange is the New Black, There was....Prison Plumb Line, the story of finding your beauty under the rock of life. Five women in prison,five chances to change! Directed by Sonya Hemphill, Stage Play by Margaret Locklear, Adapted from a Novella by Yvonne J. Medley. General admission: $20.00. 7PM.

Purchase your tickets here:

THEARC Theater
1901 Mississippi Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20020