Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Today at THEARC | Arcadia Mobile Market

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Arcadia Mobile Market & The Farm Stand @THEARC

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July 29 | Neighborhood Hero: A Panel Discussion on the Life of William O. Lockridge

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The D.C. Public Library and the William O. Lockridge Community Foundation will come together to celebrate the life, work and legacy of a true champion of Ward 8 and all of Washington, D.C., the late William O. Lockridge. Working persistently to improve the lives of all Ward 8 residents, Mr. Lockridge led his community by example each every day. Whether serving as Vice President of the D.C. State Board of Education, teaching in our public schools or mentoring youth in his community, William O. Lockridge always showed his love and concern for the lives of the less fortunate, especially our children and young people.

The discussion will take place on Wednesday July 29th at 7:00 PM, at the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Public Library. It will be moderated by Denise Rolark-Barnes, (Publisher, The Washington Informer). Panelists will include: Mary Cuthbert, (ANC Chair 8C); Phillip Pannell, (Executive Director, the Anacostia Coordinating Council).

In addition, Mark Jones (Ward 5 Representative on the D.C. State Board of Education) and Sally Schwartz (Founder and Executive Director of Globalize DC) will share stories about the extensive work Mr. Lockridge accomplished in DC’s educational system. Speaking about their friendships with Mr. Lockridge will be Willie J. Toney (Vice Mayor, Dumfries Va.), Emily Washington (who is this – title) and Trayon White (former D.C. State Board of Education Member for Ward 8 and City Council candidate).

Speaking about Mr. Lockridge’s family life will be his son, Stefan Lockridge (Music Producer and teacher at Accotink Academy) and Joy Majied (Associate Minister, Twelfth Street Christian Church). In attendance will also be Mrs. Wanda Lockridge, (Executive Director of the William O. Lockridge Community Foundation and William’s widow).


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Contact: Paul Shortt, MAP Program Assistant
p) 410.962.8565 email)


Maryland Art Place (MAP) is happy to announce two separate opportunities for artists working in Baltimore and Maryland. Each project presents an opportunity to receive either a cash reward or stipend. MAP is excited to make these opportunities available through valued partnerships with CyberPoint International and Green Spring Station.

In partnership with CyberPoint International, MAP is releasing an opportunity specifically geared towards female artists of the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. Collectively, MAP and CyberPoint wish to commission a new work of art, as well as license the image of that new work of art, offering $750 in compensation for the original work and license. The image of that artwork will be reproduced in a limited edition and presented to the guests of CyberPoint’s Women in Cyber Security reception on November 19, 2015. The reception is meant to facilitate connections between women working in cyber security with the work embodying the theme of “creating connections” (social networks, computer networks, support networks.)

MAP, in partnership Green Spring Station, are seeking proposals for a fall, 2015 IMPACT project at Green Spring Station for a Maryland based artist or team of artists to create an original temporary indoor installation comprised of items from the merchants of Green Spring Station. The selected artist/artist team will receive a $1,000 stipend to cover the cost of materials and labor. Green Spring Station is a mixed-use center featuring Baltimore’s largest collection of locally-owned boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

For details, deadlines and applications artists should visit MAP’s website at

For questions please contact Paul Shortt at

MAP first and foremost serves living, emerging and mid-career artists with the understanding that the organization plays a key and critical role in providing a platform for personal and professional artistic growth within the contemporary, visual, fine arts realm. This is achieved through annual programming such as exhibitions, events, public art and speaking engagements; the promotion of artwork sales outside that of a commercial gallery; the creation of income-generating opportunities for artists; and MAP’s work through the Maryland State Artist Registry and Resource Bulletin.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesdays at 7pm | 20th Anniversary Million Man March Planning Meetings

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What do you love or hate about entertainment options in Ward 8?

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The Advoc8te has been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how I spend my free time and disposable income when it comes to entertainment. What makes a person pick this event or venue over that? What constitutes a "good time" and what would make me, the consumer, recommend a venue or event to someone else?
That got me to thinking about the venues we have in Ward 8 that provide everthing from art to theater to yoga. What about those places make you try them out and come back? What about those places leave you not feeling super excited?

So I am asking you the reader to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on specific venues or events that take place in Ward 8? 

Tell me where you have gone and what you liked about that place and tell me what could be improved. Is there a need for more adult events? Are the children's events lacking? Are the events themselves engaging and current? Could a place benefit in investing in public seating or a better music system? Are some events all style and no substance or vice versa? Is it challenging to figure out what is going on? Is cost an issue? Is location an issue? 

What is working and what could stand from some adjustments? 

I want to hear from you-- don't hold back. Your feedback could be really helpful. 

To help you out in your review process I am including some of the most well-known public spaces and entertainment/cultural venues in Ward 8.

Anacostia Arts Center
Anacostia Playhouse
Honfleur Gallery
Vivid Solutions Gallery
Anacostia Library
Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum
Anacostia Park
Gateway DC
African American Heritage Museum
Southeast Tennis and Learning Center