About The Advoc8te


30-something woman of color who in the Fall of 2007 - after living in the metro area for 13 years - moved from Prince George's county into DC to achieve the dream of homeownership. A graduate of Howard University and a recovering corporate climber, The Advoc8te spends her days (and many late nights) spreading the word (typos and all)  through a hodgepodge of River East news and editorials. Firm believer that, "we are the change that we seek."

Avoids tomfoolery at all costs.

Two of my many other (online) projects:
River East DC Blogs
Eat Shop Live Anacostia

When not blogging The Advoc8te is obsessing over font, captions and PicMonkey expressions as a professional marketing guru and outreach community specialist. Advoc8te-for-hire through my PR firm, reSPIN Public Relations, a Ward 8 and woman-owned (me) company. Drop me a line, an issue and a check (not always in that order).

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