Thursday, May 18, 2017

War zone or Ward 8 apartment complex? You decide.

If you have ever driven down Southern Avenue SE toward the Suitland Parkway and looked out of your window, you would be greeted by a shocking site. Perhaps you thought you had somehow stumbled out of the District of Columbia and into a foreign country in the middle of an armed conflict. Burned out cars (no less than four),  broken windows, tall grass and balconies littered with toys, satellite dishes and household items are reminiscent of a family fleeing in the middle of the night.  The main doors are open, nothing is secure and the feeling is that something horrible happened here. This isn't a village on the other side of the world,  this is an apartment complex located in the nation's capital!

I don't know the story of 3072 30th Street SE but it has been in this state at least for six months a year, if not longer. I've often wondered what happened to the property,  what happened to the tenants and why the DC government hasn't done something to clean up the property and secure it? I took a drive around the building and the front doors are open and unsecured, so despite the DCRA sticker on the front marking this as a vacant property, it's highly likely people are living inside. The idea that anyone could possibly be calling this place home terrifies me. How is this allowed? 

I'm posting this along with some photos (that really don't capture all that is going on here) in hopes that someone can give me the story of what happened here and hopefully this place can be cleaned up ASAP. Please post in the comments.

9 minutes after I tweeted about this property I received a response from Deputy Mayor Donahue! Yes!

Burned out car (one of many in the parking lot) blocks the main gate onto Southern Avenue

The Advoc8te counted no less than four burned out cars in the parking lot.

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daryl taylor said...

This property has been this way for at least a year. At one point I was the Assistant Manager at Shipley Park, just down the street. Every day I passed by this building I wondered the same thing, What happened here? I figured it was owned by a slumlord, I had no Idea that the property was not open.

There is another building located right next to Congress Heights metro station with boarded up windows, balconies littered with trash, toys, and satellite dishes; however it seems that people are still living in these conditions.

I know dozens of people in the property management and real-estate that would love the opportunity to revitalize so of these walk-up buildings and small complexes, but it seems that status of these properties is unknown by anyone at any agency that should be responsible for them.

If you or anyone you know find any information about purchasing or redevelopment of either property, please forward it to me.