Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Jeff Herrell -- You are the light of my life!

Words can't express how much Jeff Herrell (Anacostia resident, captain of industry, baker of cookies, sailor of ships) means to me. He came into my life as a volunteer, evolved into a colleague and somewhere along the lines became my best friend. He's pulled double duty as my travel buddy, provider of meals, and on more than one occasion he has provided a warm bed and hot biscuits when I was crying my eyes out. Jeff is the best thing an advocate/advoc8te could ask for and I think God for him every day. I would literally remove the eyeballs and skin (with my teeth) anyone who caused my snuggly boo harm.  I could not live without Jeff Herrell -- he has literally been my alibi. The great part of living in Ward 8 is that you get to meet -- and love -- some amazing people and on this day, I honor someone who means so much to me that I would even consider going hiking if he asked me to. He's the bee's knees and today on his 45th birthday I want to honor him with some highlights of my best memories of us together. If you see Jeff please wish him a happy birthday. He's old school and doesn't have Twitter/Facebook but I am going to put him on blast and let you know you can send him a Happy Birthday email HERE. It would be hilarious for him to get a bunch of random Happy Birthday emails. LOL! 

P.S. Jeff, please don't ask me to go hiking. Lol! 

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