Monday, May 22, 2017

Are litter bugs made or born?

How does this happen? Why does this happen? Is it an issue of laziness of body, spirit or just apathy? We've experienced the symptoms but what is the cause of people who insist on littering their own community? Is this a generational issue, an economic issue or a mental issue? Thoughts? 

I am including photos I took when I walked one square block in my neighborhood. While neighborhood advocates will have picked up the trash by the end of the day, a new crop of trash will appear overnight. How can we break the cycle?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about littering in our community because I am the unofficial trash collector on my block in Congress Heights. I ask myself the same question each and everyday: "Why don't some people care more about keeping their own neighborhood clean?"

Do you think an littering campaign would help? One with radio ads, signs, interesting posters at schools, the Giant, nail salons, barber shops, etc and even more trash cans would help?

Your thoughts?

Allheart72 said...

I ask myself the same questions all the time. I think we need a PR campaign to change hearts and minds. Picking up the trash does not solve the problem. Why do people litter in their own neighborhood??